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  • New City Property Management Limited fully support the 14th of festival under Central and Western District

     New City Property Management Limited is fully support for the 14th of festival under Central and Western District. Mr. Yeung of New City PMD & Mr. Leung Chi-ki,‘’David'' (his role as a JP under Home Affair Department) at the Central and Western District , also attend in this activity by taking photo together.

  • "Anti-Fraud Receipt" Pilot Program 2.0

     Western District - Police Community Relations Office and the Director and Vice President of New City Property Management Company Limited Ms. Eva Yeung have cooperated again. From June to December this year, the "Anti-Fraud Receipt" Pilot Program 2.0 will be held to collect management fee receipts from its Western District and Southern District property management buildings , printed a new series of anti-fraud promotional slogans "Anti-fraud video devices, anti-fraud is a blessing, have you downloaded it yet?"


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